Dr John Hare

Dr John Hare – BSc (Chiropractic)

Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner, Chiropractor

John graduated from RMIT in 1992. He worked in outback Australia adjusting miners and farmers, and then in the UK, before settling in Melbourne to study low force techniques Activator and SOT.

Inevitably, John grew interested in NSA as a way of integrating body-mind to higher levels of function, stability and expression.

John started Tree of Life in 1999, creating an inner city sanctuary where people can rest, recover and resource for their busy lives. John has become deeply interested in how our minds – and habitual beliefs – influence our bodies, our health and our lives.

How do we turn our positive states into lasting traits?

John pursued this question of how to create coherence between people’s minds and bodies, in order to support them in making their unique contribution to the world.

This task has in turn led him to join forces with Dr Frederick Swann, to create Tree of Life Integral Centre. Here, in collaboration with like-minded practitioners and teachers, these programs can develop further, in a centre dedicated to evolving human capacity and expression.

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