Enhancing the Mind & Spirit

The mission at Tree of Life:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”
– The Bhagavad Gita-

We are striving to keep the practice (Yoga) as pure and as minimal as possible. Use of limited props and a mindful approach to physical adjustments, cultivating a practice which organically blooms from within.

Our subtle practice enhances your ability to feel your spine and breathe to distinguish areas of tension, enabling you to achieve sustainable results, and instill enduring traits.

Our focus point is to keep the postures simple and repetitive, rather than an overly dynamic practice, allowing you to notice and become aware of the adjustments throughout the mind and the body over time.

On our mat, here in The Studio we start to meet our challenges and obstacles as our own reflections, aversions, desires and fears manifesting through the body, into the present moment. It allows us to engage a process of integration, becoming inquisitive instead of judgmental. We become our own kind and wise observer.

The word Yoga directly translates to Union – soul and god, universe and individual, body and mind, spirit and consciousness. Holding postures for a longer period helps to align the body naturally and focuses on building strength from the foundations, detoxifying the body and mind. The class is designed for both those who are new to yoga, or prefer a slower practice with long holds, and those who are the most experienced with a centred approach around discipline and mental focus. Training first the body, then stilling the mind by focusing on the breath. By using repetitive and simple yoga principles, you will build a solid foundation and introduce the discipline of self-practice.

Benefits include:

  • a steady and consistent yoga practice;
  • results which run much deeper than the strengthening of the body;
  • build a strong sense of will, determination and tenacity;
  • enhancing and building a restful mind and unbreakable spirit;
  • building and eventually sustaining enduring traits;
  • building an awareness of the subtle energies within the body and around us; and
  • most importantly you will walk away with an appreciation of the beauty and extreme importance of self-practice, inviting the strength of healing to come from within.









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