A voice training that challenges and expands the notion of ‘voice’ as the relationship between mind, body, space and voice is interrogated and explored – toward the development of a comprehensive technical foundation – whilst respecting the unique stylistic choices and vocal features of the individual.

The training is suitable for:

  • Vocalists actively engaged in individual or group performance
  • Singer-songwriters looking to improve song craft / technique / performance
  • Actors – theatre and screen
  • Business leaders seeking to improve their professional presentation skills ie. Barristers, Teachers, Trainers
  • Leaders in the corporate / NGO sectors, focussing on the role of creative thinking and ‘voicing’ in an environment where rapid emergence and disruption are increasingly the norm.
  • Engaging in focussed, productive self-reflection through voice work
  • Individuals experiencing vocal difficulties where medical / other intervention hasn’t been successful

Sharon Thompson BMus(perf), PGDipCreative Industries
Vocalist, voice teacher, mentor, sound designer, theatre artist and core creative member of multi-award winning, contemporary international theatre collective one step at a time like this.

Sharon has worked extensively with voice, performance and creativity for more than 30 years, undertaking a diverse range of trainings and workshops in Australia and elsewhere; contemporary voice, Jack White (AUS), Dawn Langman, Chekhov voice & acting method (AUS), Paul Newham, The singing Cure (UK), Joseph Marni, Uncovering the Voice method (CHE), Aifoon, sound artists and educators in aural perception (BEL), Roy Hart method (FRA).

Bookings: Sharon Thompson  0434 970 028 or sharonattofl@gmail.com

Rose Zita Falko
2018 – A Town Called Lonely
“…an Americana storytelling song with a twist of Western Noir poetry.”
Rhythms magazine
Semifinalist nomination – 2017 International Songwriting Competition
iTunes Country chart – debuted in top 20, May 2018

Gabriel Vargas
2018 – Like Wolves
“He uses his art as a vehicle to allow ourselves to embrace the sum of our parts, and it is this which forms the pinnacle of his musical repertoire.”
Launched March 2018 – The Croxton, Melbourne

Sharon has helped me tremendously with my confidence, speech, crowd connection and the discovery of my unique power in public speaking. I’ve learnt how to create frameworks for writing the perfect speech – and on that point, I recently presented to 900 people as a keynote speaker at a conference in Portland, USA; even though​ I had a good dose of ​jet-lag at the time​, for the next 3 days I was constantly pulled aside by people who’d been engaged enough to have a proper content conversation with me. I will continue to work with Sharon on many areas of my personal development – I know there’s scope to have an even more powerful impact in the way I deliver my message in future.

Nick Dunin
Business Leader, Co-founder Beyond Rest

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