“When premature babies and very young infants are exposed to lullabies sung by an unamplified, live human voice, significant positive changes have been observed in cardiac and respiratory function (1), regulation of eating and sleeping patterns and increased periods of a state referred to as ‘quiet alertness’ (2).”

Soundbalm sessions – an opportunity to revisit – or for some, experience for the first time – a gesture of nurture and transport – to a place far-removed from the pervasive concerns and intellectual constructs of daily life.

A lullaby for adults…

Through auditory engagement with breath, tone and melody across a range of frequencies, the warmth of the human voice creates a safe, intentional, nurturing or ‘holding’.

People attend Soundbalm to assist with a diverse range of challenges including:

  • the need for nurturing, non-tactile intervention
  • disassociation from their body’s feedback systems – feeling numb, insensate
  • disturbed sleep patterns, insomnia / time-zone adjustment & jetlag
  • recovery from invasive surgery and other forms of intensive medical intervention

“The longest chapter in The Brain’s Way of Healing is on music and the brain…I show how music actually affects the neurons, and their firing throughout the brain, and how it moves us so deeply.”
Norman Doidge

Soundbalm sessions take place in The Studio at Tree of Life Integral Centre, a unique space designed to heighten the experience of sound and resonance. Pillows, blankets and yoga mats are provided.

Bookings essential – numbers are strictly limited.

Bookings: Sharon Thompson 0434 970 028 or

Sharon Thompson BMus(perf), PGDipCreative Industries
Has been engaged with Voice Work for more than 30 years; pursuing a lifelong interest in the immeasurable potential of the human voice.

(1) Pediatrics / May 2013, VOL 131 / ISSUE 5
The Effects of Music Therapy on Vital Signs, Feeding, and Sleep in Premature Infants
Joanne Loewy, Kristen Stewart, Ann-Marie Dassler, Aimee Telsey, Peter Homel
(2) Journal of the American Psychological Association / November 2013, VOL 44 / no. 10
Science Watch – Music as Medicine – article
Amy Novotney

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