integrating body & mind

Network care creates Integration, to help your body let go of tension. It also helps you learn how to self-correct – promoting your body’s innate healing ability. The technique involves spinal learning – meaning that strategies you learn today remain with you for life!

When you’re under stress, the self healing abilities of your body are significantly diminished. This results in physical, mental, emotional and behavioural stress responses — that unwelcome sense of being “all knotted up.”

You may experience physical stressors – such as poor posture, work place ergonomics, sport or collision injuries. Or your body might be suffering from chemical stressors such as poor diet, dehydration, drug and alcohol use. In our busy modern world, most of us also feel pressured at home, or work, or school, and are struggling to deal with day to day activities, resulting in mental and emotional tension. The triggers can include workplace interactions, deadlines, financial pressure, unresolved emotions, or family issues. All contribute to the inner build-up of thoughts and emotions that we experience as stress.

At Tree of Life, care takes you through a series of levels. We begin by working with you to develop an awareness of tension and dissipate it spontaneously from your body. This creates a deep sense of relaxation and ease. From there, we work at a deeper level to discover your personal triggers, and create strategies that let you function at your best – regardless of your external situation. How far you choose to take it is up to you.



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