Mind Room

Experience deeper states of peace - healing - transformation

Our Mind Room is a sanctuary of peace in the centre of the practice.  It is the place where you can visit to calm your mind after a busy day.  It has 6 comfortable chairs, each equipped with its own tablet loaded with world leading iAwake Brain Entrainment audio tracks, which use sound to guide your mind into progressively deeper states of meditation.

As a part of your Body-Mind Diagnostic (BMD) you will be provided with a list of iAwake tracks that are recommended for your specific situation and needs, based on the analysis of your brainwave patterns.  The use of sound then gently trains your mind into the optimum mind state to refresh and recharge your nervous system, and allow your body and mind to relax.

Tree of Life Clients who have completed their BMD and have an appointment booked the same – Entrainment – Yoga – Biofeedback.  We have found that people have much faster results with their chiropractic care, their yoga practice and biofeedback training when their mind is in the optimum state when they engage with these modalities, so we created the Mind Room to optimise your results and enhance your care with us here.

Mind Room Use

To access the Mind Room, you must have had a Body Mind Diagnostic within the last six months to receive your iAwake profile to use in the Mind Room which can then be used in conjunction with any of your same day appointments – no bookings required.  There is no talking, food, drink or mobile phones use, so silence is maintained in the Mind Room at all times, creating a space to let the mind find stillness.

Our friends at iAwake Technologies create innovative, sound-based tools for people like us who are passionate about waking up, healing, and making a difference.  For further information regarding iAwake Technologies, click below.

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