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Transformative Sound Technologies for an Evolving World

Tree of Life Introduces, iAwake Technologies – Transformative Sound Technologies for an Evolving World

Our friends at iAwake Technologies create innovative, sound-based tools for people like us who are passionate about waking up, healing, and making a difference.

Achieve Mind-Body-Emotions Mastery

iAwake Technologies features advanced, research-driven, and experimental approaches in brainwave entrainment—their products are pioneering the emerging field of spiritual technologies so you experience deeper states of peace, healing, life optimization, and transformation.

Ready for a Deep, Transformative Experience?

Download iAwake Explore – 3 tracks (free) designed to give you a taste of the solutions we provide for relaxation, optimal performance, spiritual development, and healing.

Deep Meditation

Profound Meditation Program 3.0

iAwake’s flagship, foundational meditation program. The innovative, science-based iNET process embedded within the Profound Meditation Program interacts with your brainwaves and biofield to immerse you in deep states of meditation.

  • Establish a daily practice that sticks
  • Enhance your focus, flow, and performance
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Evolve and deepen your spiritual life

The complete program includes Primary Meditation Tiers 1-3, Releasing Meditation, Gamma & HyperGamma Meditation, and Epsilon Meditation (6 CDs/Downloads).


HeartWave Meditation

Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

The HeartWave Meditation™ contains very powerful frequencies specifically arranged to speak the language of the Heart.

HeartWave Meditation™’s unique formula is designed to facilitate opening your heart’s innate compassion and to support you in experiencing:

  • Calming of the mind
  • Emotional release
  • Opening of the heart
  • Fully feeling one’s feelings
  • Deeper intuition
  • Heightened creativity
  • Your heart’s inmost wisdom & discernment

Deeply Theta

a journey into stillness and awakening intuition

Deeply Theta contains tracks that target theta brainwaves. Theta is the realm of deep meditation, access to deeper intuition and insights, creativity, visions, memories, dreams and dreamwork, and deep relaxation.

Deeply Theta is designed for:

  • accessing deeper intuition and insights
  • inner journeying work & visualization
  • deepening into stillness
  • evoking creative processes
  • working with your dreams
  • deeply relaxing
  • inducing healing states
  • soothing stressful feelings


Sound Asleep

A deeply soothing guided meditation with embedded brainwave frequencies for restorative, sound sleep

One of the most effective things you can do to enhance your wellbeing is to improve the quality of your sleep. A good night’s sleep makes you healthier, happier, and more creative.

Sound Asleep Guides You To:

  • Experience profoundly deep, sound sleep
  • Quiet any mind chatter that may be keeping you from sleep
  • Significantly improve the quality of your sleep over time Increasingly associate bedtime with a feeling of deep relaxation
  • Feel deeply refreshed and restored each morning after enjoying wonderfully restful sleep


Profound Releasing

Free yourself from limiting thoughts and emotional blocks, using the power of the heart

Profound Releasing is a multi-layered guided meditation with advanced brainwave entertainment technology, designed to help you to:

  • Let go of old, rigid emotional patterns and rediscover your natural spontaneity, energy, and vitality.
  • Stop battling with your thoughts and feelings, and discover how to effortlessly dissolve inner blocks and tension.
  • Open your heart and allow a deep sense of love and compassion to flow through your body and mind.
  • Become more centered, balanced and grounded, so that you increasingly find that nothing fazes you anymore.
  • Experience a gradual, but powerful inner awakening that has the potential to transform and enrich every aspect of your life.


4 Powerful Brain Tools to Optimize Your Day

20-minute audio tracks to support you in your brain health and functioning.

This program combines sophisticated brainwave entrainment technology with both deeply invigorating and deeply relaxing brainwave rhythms and biofield signals so you can:

  • Wake up to your day with relaxed energy and focus
  • Give yourself a dramatic cognitive edge
  • Renew your energy as needed
  • Refresh your brain after demanding study or work sessions
  • Recover from travel/jet lag
  • Maintain steady energy during the afternoon
  • Relax into bliss after a long, hard day
  • Release negative emotions
  • Clear your mind for deep sleep

Peak Performance / Focus / Creativity

Stealing Flow


Creative Flow | Peak Performance | Insight & Intuition | Focus | Flexibility | Release

Stealing Flow supports:

  • more creative brainstorming
  • intuitive problem-solving
  • a capacity to focus for longer periods of time
  • flow states for creative work like writing, drawing, painting, designing, journaling, coding
  • a pick-me-up when energy is flagging
  • great support for ADHD
  • restoring balance and rekindling your energy after a period of work
  • winding down after a stressful day
  • a light meditation when your nervous system needs to recover and integrate the insights and neurological push of deeper meditative states.

Stealing Flow Gamma

A wonderful addition to Stealing Flow: Complete Brainwave Suite for Flow State Mastery

Gamma brainwaves are associated with:

  • Increased energy
  • Feelings of loving kindness
  • Ultra-high information processing
  • Aha! experiences
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Joy and enthusiasm

Strong Medicine

Theta Power Meditation — it’s not for everyone. Brainwave entertainment for deep, deep practice.

This track is for when you feel the need to meditate very deeply or work on specific issues. It also is very helpful when you are burned out or exhausted. Simply lay down on the ground with a pillow under your head, and assume the yoga “corpse” position—or sit back in a comfortable chair or assume your standard meditation pose. Strong Medicine will often produce a hypnagogic state between waking and sleeping, resulting in a state of profound rest and renewal when one is finished. Get ready for one powerful transformational entrainment experience!

Strong Medicine is designed to:

  • deepen your meditation
  • encourage relaxation within minutes
  • renew your energy
  • motivate you to work through creative and emotional blocks
  • induce powerful spiritual and mystical states
  • provide strong medicine for your interior healing and growth
  • put you in a hypnagogic state — i.e., a power nap

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