Feb 14, 2017

Monthly Talks

These monthly evening talks here at Tree of Life Integral Centre are designed for those of you who have just started care at our Centre and everyone who wants to learn more about what we do. It is also a great opportunity to introduce a friend, family member or colleague to this work. 

~ Come and see, feel and explore the reality of the energetic field around the body

~ Learn how brain wave states relate to the energetic field

~ See a demonstration of harnessing the field to work with the body

~ Take home some tools of how to begin developing your own capacity for sensing the field and working with it in your daily life

D A T E S  2017

Tuesday Jan 31 – Fred Swann
Wednesday Feb 22 – John Hare
Tuesday March 28 – Fred Swann
Wednesday April 26 – John Hare
Tuesday May 30 – Fred Swann
Tuesday July 25 – Fred Swann
Wednesday August 30 – John Hare
Tuesday September 26 – Fred Swann
Wednesday October 25 – John Hare

TIME: 8 – 9pm

This talk is free and open to all practice members and their families, friends and colleagues. Please register at reception:
E: info(at)treeoflifeintegral.com
P: 03 9855 0090