As the nature of our work and variety of therapeutic services we offer at Tree of Life Integral Centre, it can be quite difficult to accurately describe how our Centre assists in the healing and personal development of the individual. As a result, we have created this short video to outline our ethos and various modalities we utilise at the Centre. Please feel free to share this video with your family and friends.


We bring together the most effective ways of working with mind and body, creating stability, strength and confidence for individuals and communities.

Based in Kew, Melbourne, we’ve been dedicated to holistic health, education and expression for 20 years. We continue to develop adapting cutting-edge research, technologies and techniques to time honoured traditions of healing and wisdom.

As a group of therapists and teachers in different techniques, what unifies us is the principle of developing healthy and enduring traits in the individual – traits that are resources for how we want to live our lives.


We use both body entrainment and brain re-training modalities to assist you to create enduring positive traits, health and wellbeing.

We need to work with both the body, where we anchor habitual states of being, and the brain, which has created the neural pathways for our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving.

When we work with both the body and the brain, we get integration, lasting change and self mastery.

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